I Am Wild T-Shirt | Unisex

I Am Wild T-Shirt | Unisex

$30.00 CAD

What does it mean to be wild?

You feel most at home among the plants, animals and landscapes of the natural world.
You don’t mind getting a little dirty, feeling the hot sun on your skin, breathing cold air into your lungs, or touching your bare feet on the earth.
You live for the moments that make you feel alive and connected to it all.
You long for the smells, sounds, sights and feelings of the wild.
It’s as if you’re always there, always wild, no matter where you are.

It might mean something completely different to you and that’s what’s so special about being a wild one. We can’t be defined or put into a box. We won’t be tamed.

You are wild and proud to wear it on your chest.

Wear this tee with pride and maybe you’ll find others in your wild tribe.

T-shirt design by Ian at Done Creative

  • 100% ringspun cotton

  • Pre-washed

  • Double-stitched neckline

These soft vintage feel t-shirts come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making sure that your size and color will hold up with time.

Sizing Chart:

Length 27½ 28½ 29½ 30½ 31½
Width 19 20½ 22 23½ 25


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